Saturday, 17 July 2010

Naming Bikes

Having purchased your steed, you then need to name your bike. This is a very personal business. My bike was made in China and so I went down the practical route and called it "The China Bike". Some have a very personal relationship with their bike and the name they give it reflects how close they are to their machine. "Ophelia" speaks for itself as does "Scarlett O"Whora" but I think "Tyrone Long Dong Silver" is the best example I have ever heard of this genre.

Some bikes just name themselves, Lorain's race bike is a Litespeed Firenze. Firenze is the majestic centaur in the Harry Potter books, which Lorain loves. Firenze is also the Italian name for the beautiful city of Florence which is Lorain's mother's name. There really was only one name for that why she called it Eric I will never know.

So what have we called our Dawes Horizon touring bikes. Mine was easy, "Beryl". Named after Beryl Burton the great british cyclist whose 12 hour time trial record exceeded the men's record for 2 years.

In naming Lorain's bike, the conversation went like this
Me: "Why don't you call yours Lance or Alberto or Cadel?"
Lorain: "Nah I am going to call it Brutus."
Me: "Really why is that?"
Lorain: "Because Beryl was Popeye's girlfriend and Brutus was Popeye's nemesis"
Me: "No, Olive Oyl was Popeye's girlfriend not Beryl."
Lorain: "Really? well I still want Brutus."
Me: "Why?"
Lorain: "Because he was Popeye's nemesis."
Me: No, that was Bluto."
Lorain: "Really? Well I still want Brutus.:
Me: "Why?"
Lorain: "Because he was a Greek God."
Me: "No he wasn't he was a senator who killed Julius Ceaser."
Lorain: "Really? Well I am still going to have Brutus."
Me: "Why?"
Lorain: "Because I like it, as long as people don't think it sounds like 'Brutal'."
Me: "Right. That's not going to happen."

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  1. haha! I love the Brutus conversation! By the way, thank you for helping me name my bike. I finally saw Rooster Cogburn the other day and liked it a lot. Granted, I had very low expectations, but it was very entertaining! Bethany